With TDSR Singapore property can be seamless to get

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Have you been recently feeling the need of a loan for buying property? Have you been looking for financing options to get you a property in Singapore? If yes, then it is time that you learn about the TDSR condition that has to be met by many borrowers before they apply for the loans. With tdsr singapore property can be easier to get, but you need to know the details of TDSR and also the process to leverage it for your benefit. Let’s get started on the brief that comprises of all essential information on how with tdsr singapore property can be easier to get.

What is TDSR?

TDSR is basically Total Debt Servicing Ratio. This is a framework that ensures that banks lend as well as people borrow responsibly. The TDSR limits the amount of spending on debt repayment to 60% of the gross monthly income. Kindly note that with tdsr singapore property buying has become more responsible too. It is ensured that no kind of defaults happen because of excessive spending by people on loan repayments. Moreover, the TDSR is not a temporary step, rather it is a permanent reform which is being followed by all financial institutions and banks. These come into picture especially for the following.

  • Loan secured from property
  • Home loans
  • Housing loan refinancing

This also ensures that the borrowers are not exploited during the loan repayments.

Why is TDSR necessary?

Yes, TDSR is certainly a good step in the right direction. With tdsr singapore property has become accessible only to those who can really afford it. Banks can ensure that they give out loans only to those who can at least 40% of their monthly income saved after repayment of loan instalments. This way, it is ensured that the borrowers don’t simply borrow and then dump the money in projects which are of not much value. Moreover, the chances of defaults decrease too, as it is already ensured by the banks that the customer can afford the loan repayments. It bolsters the practices of credit underwriting in the financial institutions. This also encourages some sort of financial prudence in the customers.

This way, the framework that the bank uses to estimate a potential customer’s borrowing capacity also gets standardized and the uniform procedure is followed by all banks, leading to nationwide compliance to the law. Such a move has benefitted the industry in the best of ways.

How TDSR impacts a customer?

If you are planning to know about tdsr singapore property buying can be a serious game for you. The TDSR does intend to make things easier, yet the calculations can be a little cumbersome at times. It can also feel quite restrictive for the following reasons.

  • There are limits on the loan-to-value ratio.
  • New rules have emerged for loan tenures.
  • The process uses a stress-test interest rate.
  • Mortgagers, guarantors and borrowers can be effectively the same person.
  • Some financial assets and variable income can be subject to haircuts.
  • You will have a mortgage servicing ratio of around 30% if you have ECs and HBD flats.
  • The income-weighted average of the age of the borrows is used to calculate the loan tenure in case of joint borrowers.
  • For joint borrowers, the TDSR is found by taking into consideration gross debt obligations and gross monthly incomes.

Therefore, you must tread with caution.

TDSR calculation

The TDSR is simple to calculate at times. If you have a fixed income, then you can simply divide the total debt obligations that you have on a monthly basis by your gross monthly income. For example, if your gross monthly income is $5,000 and your debt obligations are $2000. Then, your TDSR will be 0.6 or 60% of $5000, i.e. $3000. The maximum repayment that can be done is, therefore, $3000-$2000 = $1000.

For variable income, the haircut will happen on the variable component. For example, if you have a fixed income of $3000 but have a variable income of $1000, then the 30% haircut will apply on $1000 and you will have $300 as haircut figure. Therefore, the total gross monthly income will be ($3000 + $700) = $3700.

Now, it must be easier for you to find TDSR

Housing loan terms

The terms for the loans of home finance are very clear. For around 80% of the loan amount, once the TDSR condition is met, the longest loan term can be 30 years or even borrower’s age subtracted from 65 years, whichever is lower. In case the term office is extended to 35 years, or by chance, if the borrower’s age or tenure exceeds 65 years, the limit on the loan must be reduced to 60% or even lesser. The initial deposits can be paid in CPF (Central Provident Fund) or in cash. But, minimum of 5% must be by cash. The remainder must be funded by CPF.

More information on home loan

The foreigners can avail loan of maximum 70% on the purchase price. This is determined by the banks’ credit evaluation process and the those of financial institutions. The loans will be in Singaporean Dollars. The tenure will be a minimum of 5 years and can be up to 35 years too. The Singapore rates are quite low and are revolving around 1.5%. Such low interest rates are indeed enviable and can be availed if you comply well with TDSR. Therefore, get your calculations done at the earliest.


The following documentation is required.

  • Original passport
  • ID card’s copy
  • Recent income tax return statement
  • Proof of income, like salary slips of the last 3-6 months
  • Pre-sale contract
  • Mortgage applications
  • Sale and purchase agreement

Get these documents in place and you will certainly be able to avail the loan of your choice. TDSR is the new phenomenon in Singapore and it is in your best interests that the rules are complied with. This will ensure that your loan process is seamless and you get the best out of your investments. So, go ahead and get the TDSR sorted for you to get your life sorted the best way.

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