What is bio terrorism

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Bio terrorism is a type of terrorism where there is an intentional release or transfer of biological agents (bacteria, infectious viruses, or different germs) to kill or attack. This is also known as germ warfare. It targets to harm the population or economy of a country.


The definition of terrorism according to the United States government is ” unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.” The kind of weapon is not specified. Thus, it can be biological weapons as well. These biological weapons are found in nature but made more harmful than ever to affect the targeted gravely.


It is far more widespread as it transmits from person to person (or among crops and plants if agriculture is harmed through viruses). It also aims to ruin the trust civilians have on their government. As it makes them believe they have not been protected.


The likelihood of biological warfare and bioterrorism has turned into an expanding concern to both military authorities and civil defense specialists around the world. Letters containing anthrax spores sent to areas inside the US in 2001 brought the sudden acknowledgment that bioterrorism isn’t only a theoretical threat and is a genuine and present dangerous reality.


In spite of the fact that the crisis readiness and reactive abilities to it exist all through the Western side of the equator, the focus and accessibility of resources to manage the genuine and critical medical problems because of biological warfare has been comparatively fragile.


This new threat persuaded the examination group to make no less than two companion audit journals in biodefense and furthermore prompted a broad debate in regards to how bioterrorism prevention contrasts for pandemics and catastrophic events. The thorough debate prompted the preparation of established researchers, far reaching research endeavors, coordination of resources, and an original number of restorative countermeasures.


These biological weapons are found in nature but are scientifically made more harmful and dangerous. A rundown of microorganisms that represent the most astounding risk to national security and general health are listed as Category A select agents in light of an arrangement of considerations characterized by the US Centers for Disease Control and by and large affirmed by comparable offices around the world. These natural agents share similar disturbing and harmful attributes, and those are: –


(1) exceedingly morbid and lethal


(2) profoundly infectious or very poisonous


(3) manageable in wide circulation in a dynamic frame


(4) effortlessly created in mass and effectively stored until conveyed


(5) reasonably tough in the environment after appropriation


(6) amiable to genetic engineering to be resistant to antibiotics.


The major problem of these biological weapons that is feared and poses as a concern among others, is the treatment of the infected people. Anti-biotic resistant microorganisms are conceivably the most ideal biological weapons.


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