Tips to lose weight while you are working in office

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Managing to stay fit and healthy is a difficult task in itself. But when you have an office job with a 9-to-5 routine (and perhaps even more), things can get worse. You may gain weight before you notice it. A sedentary lifestyle is undoubtedly the best enemy of fitness and weight loss. So, here are a few amazing and efficient tips to lose weight while you are working in office.

  • Exercise for 30 minutes per day. Unless you have a very busy routine after you get back from work (the kids, their homework, cooking dinner, feeding the cats, doing the laundry, etc.), try to exercise for 30 minutes per day, without fail. If not every day, at least 3 or 4 times a day. Reduce the amount of time you spend watching TV or using social media. And get moving. And if you are not willing to sacrifice your daily TV show for weight loss, you can also try exercising while watching TV… why not, after all? Remember that… where there is a will, there is a way. Finding the way is not always easy, but it is definitely worth the pain.
  • Walk to the office or bring your bicycle out of the garage and start to use it again. For those of you who have already been to the Netherlands, you have probably noticed how the people of the Netherlands are so healthy and so fit, whatever their age. How? They are all active and ride bicycles all the time! You almost never encounter traffic jams there, as a majority of people ride bicycles to go to every place, literally. So, why not try this? Especially if you have trouble finding the right occasion to exercise after work. If your office is way too far from home and riding a bicycle doesn’t seem feasible, take the train or bus as usual, but get off one or two stations earlier and walk the rest, for instance. And do the same on your way back home. Nothing is more pleasant than having a walk back home from the office as it allows you to breathe some fresh air and relax after a long and stressful working day.
  • Bring you lunch to the office. Be it a mason jar salad or an oil-free tuna sandwich, chances are that you will avoid fats easier than if you have lunch at the office mess. In fact, you may find salads in the office mess, but right next to the salad bar, you will find the fried items bar, and the pasta bar… not the best idea, indeed. Right? So try to meal prep in advance for every day of the week and you will save time, money and caloric intake.
  • Have breakfast in the morning. Having an empty stomach will make you focus on food only. You will not be able to concentrate on work. Moreover, you may end up buying junk food at the office vending machine or order a lunch that is way too heavy in terms of calories. If you still can’t find a way then try Phenq review.
  • Say no to the vending machine and bring healthy snacks to the office. Keep healthy snacks in your drawer to avoid irresponsible behavior in cases of cravings. Boiled eggs, nuts, low-fat yoghurts, fruits, etc. are great options to make you full and not feel hunger attacks. Try prioritizing snacks with a high level of proteins in them.
  • Long live the stairs; goodbye, dear lift. In other words: take every little opportunity to stay physically active. If you need to go upstairs or downstairs, always use the stairs. It is the best healthy habit that you will never regret adopting. Apart from making you lose weight, it will help you have a nice body shape.
  • According to Phenq review you can also drink green tea. If bringing your own healthy snacks doesn’t help you resist the vending machine items, make it a habit to have a cup of green tea whenever you want to rush to the vending machine.
  • Drink at least two liters of water per day. Numerous are the benefits of drinking water. But in terms of weight loss, drinking water is just a necessity. The more water you drink, the more it cleans up your body, reduces your cravings and encourages you to stay physically active (by regularly walking to the restroom).
  • Keep an eye on your caloric intake. Sometimes, we tend to start eating healthy and wonder why we are not losing weight. Well, eating healthy is good, but you also need to be careful about the quantities you eat. You will find plenty of tools on the internet to help you figure out what the ideal caloric intake is for you, depending on your gender, age, physical activity and the speed at which you want to lose weight.

If you follow all these tips, you can be sure of one thing: having a 9-to-5 office job can’t prevent you from losing weight. It is impossible that following all these tips will not result in a successful weight loss.

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