Methods of cleaning pets stains from carpets

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Pets live with us and sometimes they are prone to messing up. Pet mess is very common and we should never blame our pets for the mess especially when the pet is still training or when the pet has not trained at all. When such a thing happens, we should always have a way to clean up the mess without leaving any stains. Some people will prefer cleaning the pet mess by themselves while others will prefer to look for the best carpet cleaning Las Vegas pet stains. Whether you are cleaning the pet mess by yourself or you are hiring someone to clean the mess for you, always make sure that the mess is being cleaned up in the right way. There are several methods that can be used in cleaning up the stains made by our pets. These methods are the best because they will always make sure that there is no stain left on your carpet. Also, the methods are great for they will make sure that there is no odor that will remain on your carpet. Below are some of the methods that are used in cleaning carpet stains.

Use of hydrogen peroxide and dish soap

Hydrogen peroxide is a detergent or a method that has been used by so many people when cleaning stains from carpets. Best carpet cleaning Las Vegas pet stains also advocates for the use of hydrogen peroxide plus dish soap as the number one cleaning method. This method usually works greatly by mixing hydrogen peroxide and dish soap plus cold water or lukewarm water. All you need to do is have four tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, two tablespoons of lukewarm water and mix a little bit of dish soap. The mixture can work best if you use a spray bottle. If the stain is large, you can double or triple the recipe. Remember, it is only a one-time solution so, you will not be needing too much of it. This recipe does not only work best in removing carpet stains but also works best in the laundry. Hydrogen peroxide is usually known for having a bleaching effect on clothes, therefore, consider checking before you load all your colorful clothes in the solution.

Once you have botted the place messed or scrapped it, you can now spray the hydrogen peroxide mixture over the stain. Make sure that the spray is evenly sprayed on the stain. You can forge ahead to agitate it using your finger. After that, you can leave the mixture to work. You can consider leaving it for at least ten minutes. After the ten minutes are over, you can now blot the spot using an absorbent towel. Check the carpet very well. If you realize that there are some stains left, you can easily spray the mixture again. You can lay down your towel and consider using a heavy over your towel. Use an object that will give an equal distribution of weight. Leave the object there for a couple of hours then remove it. If the stain will still be existing, you can always repeat the procedure over and over again. After which you will rinse your carpet with a lot of water and blend the edges. Blot the spot again then vacuum it. Remember, use of towels with an object can be used with any cleaning method if at all the stains are so tough to be removed.

Vinegar and baking soda

The second method of cleaning your stains from your carpet is using vinegar plus baking soda. This method works best but it is usually the messiest method among all the others. When using the method to clean your carpet from pet stains, the carpet might take too long to dry up. Actually, it might take up to a day to completely dry up. After cleaning the mess or blotting up the area, you can spray the area with vinegar. You can consider using an equipment such as a sprayer to be able to control how saturated you will want your carpet to be. After you have done the spraying, allow it to settle for some time. After which you will sprinkle baking soda gently. You will realize that it is bubbling up a little bit and you can agitate it a little bit just to make sure that it gets into the stain. In this method, you will need to leave the place to dry completely then vacuum the place. After the stain is gone, you might notice a little discoloration. To avoid it messing up your carpet, you can just rinse your carpet very well. Always remember to blend out the edges of the discoloration.

Spot Shot

The third method that can be used to clean up carpet stains is the use of spot shot. This method is known to be the quickest method and the easy one when it comes to removing stains. After removing any mess that is solid and blotting your carpet, you will need to apply the spot shot. After the application, you will need to blot again with a white cloth. There is only one precaution, make sure that you haven’t saturated the place completely. Make sure to only use little then you can repeat the procedure until your carpet is completely unstained. The good thing with spot shot is the new formula was specifically designed with non-toxicity meant for pet problems. The formula is usually good for pet stains that are so tough to handle. When using the formulae, you will not need to worry about affecting your pet.


Pet stains from your carpet can easily be removed through simple methods. The methods are suitable for any pet stain removal. You just have to make sure that you stick with one method. Also, make sure that you have followed the right procedure when removing the stain. Remember, it is always advisable that you give your carpet a good rinse after the stain is removed. This is according to best carpet cleaning Las Vegas pet stains.

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