How to use a socket wrench: Definitive Guide

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For household activities, you would frequently need to tighten nuts. A household requires quality maintenance for optimum function. So nuts and bolts need to be tightened or revolved. But doing it requires manual labor. Naturally, the thought of spending a lot of time to revolve a nut can be off-putting to many.

Do not worry, brothers!

The socket wrench is here.

If you get your hands on a socket wrench, the whole process becomes easy as pie. What can’t a socket wrench do? It can provide appropriate twisting, can reach the hidden areas and can do all this with very little afford required. For a mechanic or a part-time mechanic, a socket wrench can be a great tool.

Let me assume that you already know about the types of a socket wrench. Now, allow me to tell you a few steps that will help you in making the best use of a socket wrench.

Step-1: Right Socket…for the right job

Usually, the socket wrench that you have in your hands is loaded with a large number of sockets. For the different situation, you would need different ones.

So, the first thing to do on the list would be to find the perfect socket.
Matching the socket with the nut is the battle half won. Confused, what to look before buying socket sets? See this buying guide and you can get a clear idea about socket sets.

Step-2: Socket size and nut measurement

After selecting the best size, turn your attention to official measurements. Learning the accurate size can make the work a lot less excruciating. Because it will help you from accidentally tightening or even loosening the nut.

But if you can measure accurately, then?
Do not be afraid, my friend. At the side of the socket, you will find some instructions.

Step-3: Attaching the socket to the handle

You have found the right socket, you have taken the measurement. Now it’s time to attach the socket to the handle.

The process is relatively simple. You need to look for a square-shaped hole in the socket and attach it to the handle!

However, your job does not end here. To secure the socket, you must identify the square knob. If the socket is correctly attached, it will produce a clicking noise.

Step-4: The direction

Now comes the fourth step, that is the association with the route. You will be able to find a switch on the side of the socket. If you are unsure, then this switch can be of great help. It will give you an idea about which way to turn for tightening or loosening.

If there isn’t any, then go the usual route – left for loosening, right for tightening.

Step-5: Nailing the art of twisting:

Now comes the labor part. Without mastering twisting, you cannot go far.

And yes, mastering twisting is a thing.

The force and the precision that you require to have for using a socket wrench expertly is astonishing. You need to know about the space is necessary for this purpose, the rotation angle and the force that needs to be applied!

Final Say:

A socket wrench is not hard to use but requires time to master. You must pay attention to the smaller details to do that. These simple, yet these useful five steps are all that you need to know if you want to master socket wrench.

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