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Farmers generally are one of the best persons to be associated with in any environment. They have this kind gesture of patience and reception especially with strangers that pass their way. This is exactly because of the kind of occupation. A farmer requires lots of patience and reception to actually have yielded from his labor and hard work. He waits for the rain, waters the crops, feeds the animals, milks the cows, buys feeds and a whole lot of other duties. It is important that they find one way or the other to catch up with other kinds of fun activities. Some of these activities include games, recreational chilling and a few others. Concerning games, it will definitely be the best because at least they can always be part of it on the mobile phones, iPad, iPod touch, laptops and other gadgets. The best games for such people will be farm-related games. One of the best in this category of games is hay day. Hay day is a multi-billion company that has acquired so many assets and fans, especially among literate farmers. It is advisable that every farmer plays this game and non-farmers too who love farming but cannot go through the stress and challenges. Games are for every person and should be patronized always especially for the fun and relaxation.

Hay day is a popular farming related developed by supercell. The game happens to be played mostly on the mobile platform and if needed to be played on laptops then some Android platform simulators could installed to still have access. The game is available on practically the most used operating systems, both iOS, and Android. The different versions for the different operating systems were developed at different years. Hay day has farming features ranging from planting, watering, harvesting, scarecrows and any other farming techniques you could ever think. Hay day is built to suit the farming environment completely. After the player has installed the game and ready to play, the game provides a training platform for how to plant, gather crops, harvest and even sell produce for profit and gain. Each product is sold for a particular price and it is possible to have a small standby shop where people can come in and get the product at a good price so the income is used appropriately. The income gotten could be used to build more shops, trucks, boats for deliveries and several other relevant features needed to maximally utilize the games full potential. Day by day the game increases in fans, players, and revenues. It has been recorded to have almost $30 million generated over the years. It is widely played and it is rated the fourth best game in the world. Hay day has gone a long way to beat several records and most people now prefer it to FarmVille which is about the same plot and gameplay. The gameplay is quite easy and fun.

The story in the game is quite understanding and plain. As a player, you are left with a large plot of land to give care and attention until it yields a product. It was given to the player by a relative and it is relevant that the player does everything possible to be good and produce crops in due time. Animals are reared as well and they include sheep, cattle, oceans, cows and other domestically reared animals. Some crops planted include wheat, fruit trees, millets, corn and a few others. Each of these types of the farming venture will be taken into consideration and when there is final harvest output then it could be sold and the profit properly used as previously mentioned. One of the tasks as a player you will be confronted with includes maintaining a standard ranch to ensure each cattle is properly looked at. Another task is having a proper silo and critter because visitors could swing by for nice farming deals. It is important that everything concerning the farm is in order to keep it alive and bubbling. Just like a farmer has a lot to do in real life, it is the same as the game. This is a virtual representation on a screen of gadgets technology.

District Characteristics Of hay day

Hayday is a pretty game with lots of intriguing characteristics, especially in Android and iOS platforms. The game has some characteristics that make it different and distinct amongst other games especially farm-related games. Some of those characteristics are listed as follows:

  • It has a distinct graphics that is outstanding among several games of its class and production year.
  • The landscape and vegetation are practically beautiful with detailed features of zoom and pan.
  • Hay day is completely cinematic and looks pretty beautiful for a mobile game.
  • Controls are easy and understandable.

Hayday characteristics can go on and on but the major ones have been mentioned. These are the characteristics that make the game special. The controls are quite interesting as well, especially with smooth screens. In a case where you intend to invest crops, you can swipe your fingers through the field after expanding it. It gathers the sellable crops at once and stores them. Animals’ yields can be gathered as well and they include milk, skin and few others. Hay day is quite interactive and user-friendly.

In conclusion, hay day is quite a game. It has every single thing a game man requires which is to acquire and keep acquiring. It may seem boring at the beginning but little by little it becomes very real since it’s a practical game. Its cinematic view, graphics, plot, gameplay, controls, and all other features have made the game international and sellable. All achievements could be viewed in your house by just pressing it. This will definitely guide the victories won in previous years and to trigger a preparation for the further tasks laid right ahead. Farmers have all the advantage but the game is open for all persons ready to have fun with farming through a screen.

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