Clash Of Clans Hacks And Cheats – Is It Possible?

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Clash of Clans is the mobile game which is available for free on both Android and iOS devices. You can play through the full game without paying a single penny and without being interrupted by the advertisements. Hacking of one of the most popular game available on the Android device is actually impossible. If you are considering to do so, remember that hacking into the game of Clash of Clans can infect your Android device or computer with virus.

  • It is basically impossible to hack into the game of Clash of Clans: there are many sites and you tube videos which claim that one can actually hack into the game of Clash of Clans but in reality this is not possible. These sites mislead you and try getting you trapped to get the hack tried out. Even if there was some way to get to hacking it, it would be highly illegal. The resources of Clash of Clans can be purchased with real money thus hacking into it would result to theft. This is not a matter that can be taken lightly, being caught for theft could lead to severe fines or even imprisonment.
  • Can infect your device with virus: there are websites out there which have fake comments and options that say you can hack into the game of Clash of Clans – which in real is not possible. The services that claim the hack are actually the ones who scam and try stealing your personal information or try downloading viruses on your device. Attempting the hack of Clash of Clans will be a waste of your time and will also cause problems to your device.
  • Earn the achievements of Clash of Clans: the achievements are probably the most lucrative way in which one can earn gems. Connecting the game of Clash of Clans to the google play store will itself fetch you 50 gems. Once an achievement is unlocked, you can further gain more achievements which will add the reward gems to your inventory.
  • Avoid on the spending of your startup gems: in Clash of Clans you will be started off with a huge sum of the gems. Half of your gems will be spent on the tutorials while you will be left with some. You should not always use the gems to make the purchase of the resources. When you are making an attempt to build up the inventory of your gem, the key to it is patience.
  • Whenever it is possible remove the obstacles: every 8 hours the obstacles like a tree which will be respawned or a rock which cannot be respawned, you can remove the obstacles by tapping on them and then confirming it. You will receive at least 1 gem for removing the rocks.

In the online multiplayer game, Clash of Clans communities are formed by the players to attack other players and also to train the troops in order to earn the resources which are also known as currencies in the game.

Gold and elixir – these are used to build and reload the defenses that will help the player to be protected from the attack of another player.

Elixir and dark elixir – these are used in the training and upgrading of the troops and the spells.

Gems – they are the premium currency.

The features of Clash of Clans

  • The buildings: the players should build mines of gold and storages of gold and collectors of the elixirs and storages of the elixirs respectively in order to earn and store gold and elixir. To build buildings that are defensive and for an upgrade in the town hall the gold currency is used. This will give an access to more buildings and higher levels for the existing buildings. You can avail the dark elixir at Town Hall 7. You can create dark spells, get an up upgrade for dark elixir troops and heroes with this type of an elixir.
  • Clans and the wars of the clans: the group of players who join each other to get the support of each other either by being the donating troop or by giving the advice are called as clans. When a member of the opposing clan is being attacked by a player, they get stars which depends on the amount of destruction which is caused by them to the opposing community. Two attacks per war is the limit for each player. At the end of the day of the war the team that manages to gain most of the stars is declared to be victorious.
  • The builder base: this has been a recent update to the game, a new mode of the game which is called ‘Builder base’ in this players can go sail to a new island and create a new village with different sets of the buildings. Basically in this mode the players try attacking each other’s bases simultaneously.

Another new feature has been added to the game of Clash of Clans – the Versus Battle. This enables the player to take the opponents in a head to head attacking competition. If you are making a defense the resources won’t be lost while having the fight.

You can find related content of the game and its updates on this website. Do the game of Clash of Clans provide any benefit to its players? Clash of Clans is one of the most famous games that is played online among people of various age groups. The game helps in improving of the learning skills of the player, helps in the boosting of the mental focus and also takes away stress and depression. It also helps in the stimulation of the decision making process and helps in the increase of the levels of dopamine adrenaline which in turn makes the brain more plastic. They also contribute in the improvement of the hand eye coordination and the time of reactions. They help in increasing the self – esteem of the player.

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